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a multistate prostitution ring. fbi raided five homes including one here in maryland arresting five people who are were trafficking women well, kelly, federal authorities found 20 asian women running a bogus business. this house was the home of the elite spa. it was one of five places operated in four states. at first, they offered asian massages and the feds say it was all a front. they would charge up front from $50 to $60 an hour and they were encouraged to tip the women who live there for sexual behaviors. there were always frequent cars in and out of it at all hours. the operation was low key. many say they were shocked when
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the feds raided the place back in may. >> i was really shocked the day i woke up. i heard a banking next door. i thought, someone's breaking into the house. and the fbi said, there was a brothel and i didn't know. i was surprised nothing happens in this neighborhood. >> and the five people arrested were from pennsylvania and new york state and they face prostitution charges. travel of women were undocumented aliens. let's look at tonight's top stories. the trial of an eastern shore woman accused of abusing a hundred horses was in court today. the horses were taken in april. one was so sick it had to be put down.
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a woman is recovering after an early morning fire on rowland of. the woman was taken to the hospital with burns to her hands. she'll be okay. and bottled waters are offered to people in this development in fallston. the development's builder learned that the community tested high from water. they don't know where the lead is coming from or how long it's been there. the health department wants children to be tested for lead poisoning. today was gorgeous outside. i have to say that i hope you didn't stay inside all day. today will be the last day that we get the nice air outside humidity will get back. as we look at the satellite, not a lot to see.
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if we don't have the clouds, you know that the radar won't pick up on any type of rain. right now, the temperature is 92 degrees. came bridge around 56. we're in the low 90s in d.c. and culpeper and winchester. the temperatures will be in the 80s and it will be nice and comfortable with low humidity. we have the fourth tropical storm to talk about. that's coming back up. thank you. as america prepares for the tenth anniversary of 9/11 attacks, now, there's worries that attacks will be tried on that date here and abroad. >> some of the most serious threats are coming from somalia. >> reporter: u.s. fishs are convinced that the killing of
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osama bin laden and seven years of cia strikes pushed leaders in afghanistan to the brink of collapse they're concerned about somalia. >> that would be the next, most significant terrorist threat. it may emanate from the al- qaeda presence. >> reporter: several recently traveled to fight in the civil war. sources tell abc news that 40 smell january -- people from somalia fought. >> not all al-qaeda has come close to drawing muslim americans to jihad. >> reporter: the recruits came from california, minnesota, illinois, new jersey, virginia, alabama and texas. >> they continue to call for
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strikes against the united states. as a result, we won't let our guard down. >> reporter: the group is forging an alliance with the al- qaeda affiliate in yemen. a leader was captured with evidence showing cooperation between the two groups. >> well, you know it's serious, the group is the focus of a hearing in d.c. today. all right, thank you, jamie. a philadelphia tv reporter becomes part of a story. find out why the reporter was attacked. and this is supposed to be a spill proof gadget, does it really work? we'll put the container to the test.
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>> just days after her first u.s. interview. the hotel maid who accused dominique strauss-kahn of assaulting him met with prosecutors this morning. it's the first time she and her attorney met with the district attorney.
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after discovering inconsistencies in the story, the prosecutors will decide on moving forward into court. the next court date is scheduled for august 23rd. a tv reporter from philadelphia got attacked live on the air. he was reported on a bizarre case of animal hording and he was attacked. >> reporter: complaints over extreme trench coming -- smells coming from the building and -- hey, hey! >> the man who attacked him -- >> you okay? >> reporter: the man is believed to be the son of the horder. he was not seriously hurt and he was able to finish his report later on in the show. >> most of the rest of the country is wishing for rain to cool off. people in the bronx are hoping to dry out a water main break
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that flooded the streets and forced people to abandon cars. two subway stations had to be shutdown. officials are still trying to find out what caused the break. one colorado town got da vine interception -- devine intervention. this vine looks like a cross. he posted the vision on facebook. the sacred vine was found across the street from a church. >> ha? did you know every time you're online, you're sharing your personal information. this makes you a target for hackers. in
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inging i.%#=ñ
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infomercials and wondered do they work? well, we'll work for you tonight, putting the inventions to the test. we put the call out for your help on does it work for the jiro bowl. this is designed to be spill proof for your kids. we asked stacey from rosedale to put this to the test. >> i've seen the commercial and i said, really? is that possible. it looked interesting. i didn't want to just try it for $15.
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>> she needed more order and cleanliness in her home there have >> we have goldfish and cheerios everywhere all the time. >> her daughters put it to the test. >> they literally tip things other. they're kind of falling out a bit. >> did it get a goldfish in there. >> reporter: then, we went to water. we felt guilty about doing it in her house, especially knowing the probable out come. >> if you're slow, it's fine. then, madison started running up the stairs with the bowl. >> i spilled a little on the stair. >> we sent her for the final gravity test. >> something this little lady was happy to do. >> some things are unavoidable. if you drop the bowl, it spills and liquids can be dicey at best. some things can't beat gravity.
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now, as for the claim of the bowl, it's indestructible, this 10 month old took it apart in about five minutes. >> it's a great idea, i give it about a c. it's a mom idea. that's what we think about to keep the messes down, i like that part. >> they weren't alone in the testing. stacey had friends that let their kids try it and each had similar results. so, is there a product you're wondering about? e-mail us at works for you at our website. also, post a comment on our facebook page/facebook. we're always looking for product testers, too.
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all right, it was a gorgeous day outside. you can see what's going on outside. not slapping in the wind too hard. we have a light and variable breeze. the temperature is at 89 degrees. the humidity is low and this is holding steady. check out what we had earlier today. you can check out the crystal blue clear skies. we had just a few clouds today acrass the area -- across the area and it was gorgeous. dulles at 91 and charlottesville around 92 degrees and easton at 88 degrees and patuxent at 86 degrees. it's comfortable. we don't have the high dew points like we've been having. we can see them in the 50s now. we're talking about dry air.
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en we're at 59 in york and 48 in hagerstown. the highs are 93 in d.c. and 97 in frederick. it's getting warm and we'll see some of that into time as well. the heat and humidity will roll back into the forecast. check this out for tomorrow. this is coming in at 93 degrees and rosedale at 92 degrees. the temperatures are warmer and the changes will be in the humidity. it will start to move in tomorrow. the satellite and radar aren't picking up on a lot. we'll see showers and thunderstorms rolling across michigan as of now. we'll see more showers and thunderstorms around the gulf states. the reason why we're not dealing with showers and thunderstorms is because of the high pressure. it's sliding to the east and we'll get returns slower around that. we'll get muggier outside and hotter as well.
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future castor, not picking up on a lot. we have a chance of a thunderstorm moving in friday. speaking of the showers and thunderstorms, we're heading into the tropics. we have don right now. the wind is sustained at 10 miles per hour. if your interests take you into texas, we'll see it moved into that area. 67 degrees and clear skies. tomorrow, temperatures up to 93. tomorrow night, the temperature will be around 74-degree. the seven-day forecast is going to be hotter. we've seen this pattern. by this time, we'll see the fact that we're in august and these temperatures, we've seen it all over again and again. thank you, lynette. they tell us it's fresher and better for the environment.
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it also helped out local business. that's the push to get local produce. >> reporter: today, the secretary of agriculture was endorsing home grown local produce. maryland is in the middle of the buy local challenge. now is the time to take advantage of the produce. we have a live variety of fruits and vegetables starting in spring and ending in the fall. right now, we're in prime time for harvest for vegetables and produce in maryland. >> it tastes better and it's better for you. >> from the time you pick a produce, each day, it loses more nutrients. the quicker you eat it, the more nutritional the produce will be. >> buying local has a widespread effect. >> most live and buy within the community.
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there's a whole multiplier from the community. >> we're taking eggplant. >> reporter: this man runs the produce in severna park. his family's been working this area for a hundred years. he practices what he preaches. >> this is fresh corn. you bight into it raw and taste the sugar. it's fresh and tastes better and cooks better. i like eating, obviously. >> reporter: next time you go out for food shopping, try a local produce stand. what would you rather do? eat a melon that's traveled across the states in the back of a truck or try something fresh, that's an easy choice. i want that corn, that corn looked great.
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tuck -- thank you, i'm jamie costello, this was the massage parlor in overly. it was a brothel in overly. when the feds busted up the brothel. sometimes, getting much needed pampering is hard to come by until tonight. we'll show you the pregnant concierge. that's tonight at 6:00.
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this bill would require that internet could have an option to say, do not track me. this is already there, they say, the technology exists. all we need the congressional action. >> people don't understand what's out there about them personally. >> the director of threaten intelligence says that the digital fingerprints are used for advertising and customized messages. there's also a danger they'll be used maliciously. >> we're pressing the companies with the security of the information. we don't want anyone to break into the system and use it.
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unfortunately, when companies get the information, it makes them a target for hackers. what if i'm at a wireless place, could that guy be tracked. >> security experts say there's no practical way against the technology. >> do your virus scan ware and once the information leaves your computer, someone's tracking it. >> if you're a driver, you may not like this, ford won't include a tape deck or a cd player. they'll offer a usb socket
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compatible with digital players. this is going to be the first car maker to take the leap. let's open others won't follow. ravens fans are feeling left out, when you can see the team practice for free and what flacco said about his critics today. that's coming up today at 6:00. a lot of people coming and going, you know, pretty much all hours of the day. >> you may have passed it. why the feds say this home was a front for something else. half a million dollars homes may have a problem with lead in the water. we'll take you to this new development. >> i sat down and we were trying to find out ways we could fix it. we had no ideas. >> tourist centers have one,

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